What our landowners say about us

Here's what landowners, past and present, are saying about Central Land Consulting:

"They've been able to deliver what they promised, and a lot of it is service.  They are in the field making sure the pipeline company does what we signed for them to do in our agreement."

Randy Campbell- BLC Farms


NEXUS Energy Pipeline

"Our experience with Central Land was very positive!...We had nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Central Land Consulting always communicated in a timely fashion; they always got answers to any questions we had fast, and we were rewarded well financially.  We had nothing to do except to be patient and wait.  They did all the work!"

The Harshmans


Dominion Supply Header

"I have spent many hours researching and reviewing different options available to me....meetings with local attorneys as well as Central Land Consulting, and the amount of knowledge, experience, and services Central Land offers greatly exceeds any other option..."

Brandon Sinclair- Sinclair Family Farms, LLC


Spire STL Pipeline

"After evaluating all of our options...we believe Central Land Consulting will best protect our property during the construction process...extremely qualified to maximize our compensation and will include all the appropriate addendums needed to protect our land now and for our future generations."
Robert Wensink- Wensink Seed Farms, Inc.


NEXUS Energy Pipeline

"Central Land fulfilled their promise in both consulting and construction supervision....  During Williams (pipeline) construction, they removed trees outside of the workspace...Central Land was ready for their error and got me extra compensation that I didn't know was possible....With the amount of pipelines coming through my area and affecting my property, I will be using CLC for all future projects and highly recommend them to others!"

Norman Keeney

West Virginia

Williams Pipeline & Mountaineer XPress Pipeline

"From the first meeting to now, Central Land has had my best interest in mind every step of the way.  The amount of experience, knowledge, and professionalism they've shown throughout this entire process is remarkable.  10 out of 10 would recommend them to anyone."

Paul Wallace


NEXUS Energy Pipeline

"I was very skeptical of Central Land when I first heard of them.  After meeting with them, it was a no brainer to me....They surpassed every expectation I had by a longshot, and I would 100% recommend them to anyone facing a federal pipeline..."

Steven Thompson


NEXUS Energy Pipeline

"CLC has been a huge asset for me as the Nexus Pipeline hit my property.  I was very impressed with their presentation from the start, and how they made me feel like more than just another customer like NEXUS did.  They truly care about their landowners and their properties, and I would recommend them to any farmer in any state facing a federal pipeline....  Don't try and do it yourself-these guys are the real deal!"

Jim Royer-Oakway Farms, LLC


NEXUS Energy Pipeline

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